Water Features


Adding the right water features to your landscape is what can really set it apart from others. Water features can transform a landscape into a cozy and natural space with the soothing sound of water and visual aesthetic of beauty. Water features with running water are also great for reducing noise pollution and adding to the privacy of your outdoor space.

cascading water bowls


We have installed various types of water features, and each added a unique accent to the landscape. Some of the following are great options to consider when planning out your landscape.

small natural pond with waterfalls


Since there are so many different types and sizes of water features, it's difficult to provide a cost estimate without discussing the specific feature you would like to install. To give you an idea of the starting price, the least expensive running water feature is a bubbling rock, and that starts at around $2,500. Contact us and we'd be happy to provide you with a free quote for any water feature.

bubbling rock display
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